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Expenses That Can Disappear During Retirement


There are plenty of expenses that you’ll have to worry about in retirement. With the cost of healthcare and entertainment, along with travel expenses generally rising in retirement, just to name a few, it can be reassuring to learn that there’s a few areas where you might save some money in retirement. In fact, here’s [...]

Expenses That Can Disappear During Retirement2018-10-30T13:28:00-05:00

Medicare Fall Open Enrollment Information


With the Medicare fall open enrollment period officially underway for the next 7 weeks, it’s time to look at what that means for you. Every October we are reminded of the Medicare decisions that we face. Should you keep your coverage? Should you make some changes? If you do decide to make changes, it must [...]

Medicare Fall Open Enrollment Information2018-10-22T22:43:04-05:00

Rules of Retirement to Consider


We’ve followed rules our whole lives. Whether it was listening to your teacher when they instructed you to raise your hand before speaking, your parents rule of looking both ways before you cross the street or being taught to stop at a red light when you finally learn how to drive, rules are everywhere. But, [...]

Rules of Retirement to Consider2018-10-16T01:38:39-05:00

Protect Yourself from Social Security Fraud


Recently, the Social Security Administration announced that they are taking action in an attempt to crack down on Social Security fraud. With the biggest Social Security day of the year, October 11, fast approaching, where Social Security beneficiaries find out how much, if any, of a “raise” they are going to get for the year. [...]

Protect Yourself from Social Security Fraud2018-10-09T12:57:49-05:00

Catching a Retirement Curveball


As I’m sure we have all learned by now, life is unpredictable. Life throws you curveballs, and sometimes those curveballs might affect your retirement plans. But, by staying ahead of the game and being prepared, you can help to secure your retirement plans no matter what life throws your way. Catching a retirement curveball starts [...]

Catching a Retirement Curveball2018-10-02T04:06:20-05:00